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Unusual Vinnitsa! Great idea for the weekend!

Unusual Vinnitsa! Great idea for the weekend!

Unusual Vinnitsa! Great idea for the weekend!

Unusual Vinnitsa! Great idea for the weekend!
"All inclusive" There are two route options to choose from!
Tour itinerary: Kyiv – Vinnitsa – Brailov – Zhmerynka – snail farm * – Bar* – Kyiv
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Tour program:

Day 1

tour to VinnitsaEarly departure from Kyiv by bus. We are definitely waiting for new discoveries, delicious treats and pleasant surprises!
Let's keep in Vinnitsa!
Upon arrival, we check into the hotel, have lunch and set off to get acquainted with the city.
But it won't be just a tour! A tram is waiting for us, personally ours. You will definitely remember this excursion for a long time.
And that's not it! We're on our way to the exclusive dinner-tasting of the cuisine of the Right-bank Ukraine of the XIX century. Didn't expect it, right?
And we'll end the evening boat trip along the Southern Bug. Meet the sunset on the banks of the river, what else could be more beautiful?

tours to Vinnitsa
But great things await us at breakfast!

Day 2

Morning coffeeBreakfast in the hotel.
And you will definitely remember this day for a long time. We have 2 routes to choose from.
Option number 1 - some excursions and a snail farm
Option number 2 - few excursions, but a lot of master classes
Option number 1 - delicacy
After a good breakfast, we will go to Brailov, where we will walk around the neighborhood of the famous Brailov nunnery. And that is not all!
The estate of von Meck has been well preserved to this day. The museum of the composer P.I. Tchaikovsky was opened in the restored estate. The discovery will be how extraordinary and generous the owner of the estate was, what a huge contribution to the development of the music of that time she made, and how many composers and musical societies were able to develop thanks to her generous contributions. You will be delighted!
Vinnytsia excursion
And then let's keep to Zhmerinka!
A tour of the Zhmerinsky Museum, where the wonderful and enthusiastic employees of the city museum will talk about the unique collection of the philistine life of the beginning of the last century and show us an old handwritten recipe book. The museum also houses dishes from the collection of the world-famous manufacturer of porcelain and earthenware Villeroy & Boch from the early 20th century. Fantastic pieces in excellent condition.
We will also take a walk around the Zhmerinsky railway station (by the way, the Zhmerynka railway station is one of the largest and most beautiful in Ukraine, the station building is often compared to a ship heading from Kyiv to Odessa.
And for lunch we go to the snail farm. Here is such an exquisite French delicacy you can try in our Ukraine!
Option number 2 - master class
After breakfast, we are on our way to the ancient city of Bar.
master class on baking larks
A short sightseeing tour of Bar - the city founded by the Italian princess Bona Sforza (XVI century)
And then - master classes (we will work with dough, straw, etc., bake larks and make amulets from straw), stories from Aunt Valentina (rites and traditions of our ancestors), measurement of strength in the forge of blacksmith Vasily. Everyone will be delighted!
And then we will fix everything with a delicious homemade dinner.
And head towards the house!

Estimated cost of the program:


Price for 1 person in double occupancy:

Hotel 3*

From 3400 UAH

The tour price includes:

  • Travel by bus along the route

  • 1 night accommodation with breakfast

  • tasting dinner and 2 lunches

  • excursion by tram in Vinnitsa, boat trip, excursion "Brailov - Zhmerynka - snail farm" or excursion "Bar + master classes in the preparation of larks, amulets from straw and forging

Anastasia Yakovenko

Anastasia Yakovenko

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