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Three African islands of the Indian Ocean: Madagascar - Reunion - Mauritius

Three African islands of the Indian Ocean: Madagascar - Reunion - Mauritius

Adventure expedition to Madagascar

Three African islands of the Indian Ocean: Madagascar - Reunion - Mauritius 

Duration: 15 days / 14 nights

Expedition Dates: September 13, 2023 – September 27, 2023 


reunion island

Antananarivo - Andasibe - Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Morondava - Bekupaka - Morondava - Antananarivo

Mauritius island

Price for the Reunion part: 500 € per person

Price for a part of Madagascar: 2670 € per person

Price for part Mauritius: 300 € per person

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Places on the tour: 5 out of 12!!! There is a women's room. 

Only Ukrainian group! 

Benefits of the program:

  • local English speaking guide in Madagascarwho, better than anyone else, will show and tell about life on the island, local residents, and also guide you through the most interesting and unexplored places of the island; 
  • accommodation in very comfortable hotels along the entire route with a rating of at least 8.0 on booking.com, in order to relax as much as possible after moving and just enjoy your stay on the island;
  • June and July - season in Madagascar, so we will have the opportunity to see all the most important sights without any difficulty;
  • accompaniment along the entire route by an experienced traveler from Kyiv.

During the trip we will have the opportunity to:

  • visit France in the middle of the Indian Ocean - on the island of Reunion, which is part of France;
  • see real lemurs in the wild, touch them and even feed these cutest creatures!;
  • visit the National Park, which is home to the largest lemurs in the world - Indri;
  • meet the local Malagasy people and learn more about life on the island from a local guide;
  • meet one of the most beautiful sunsets on planet Earth!;
  • walk along the Alley of Baobabs and take the most beautiful photos;
  • visit the stone forest of Tsingy;
  • relax on the paradise island of Mauritius;
  • visit the "crocodile kingdom" - Vakuna National Park and other equally interesting national parks;
  • take a ferry across the Tsiribihina and Manambulu rivers;
  • experience emotions that you will never forget!

We have the best hotels, you can check for yourself 😉

Adventure expedition to Madagascar

Madagascar from Calipso

  • Bekupaka - Le Soleil des Tsingy

Adventure expedition to Madagascar

Tour program

The day before. 12-th of September. Departure

Departure at 19:30 from Paris to Reunion.  

Day 1. September 13th. Reunion. 

Our plane will land at Saint Denis airport at 8:30, which means the start of our journey! Circus Salazi is one of the three magnificent circuses of Reunion Island. It is known for its green and lush landscape, bamboo forests, tree ferns and banana plantations. At the circus, you can see famous waterfalls including the Bride's Veil, as well as immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine, especially known for its chuchu vegetable. The charming village of Hell Burg offers unique Creole buildings and old thermal baths. The Circus Salazi is the ideal place to walk and enjoy the beauty of the Réunion nature. 


Day 2. September 14th. Reunion. 

Full day on a green, mountainous and clean island. Today we have a day dedicated to the volcanoes of Reunion. Few people know that volcanoes on the island are more than 2500 meters high. We will see them from the observation decks, but a helicopter flight can be ordered additionally (from 300 Euro/55 minutes). 

Enclos Fouque and the Piton de la Fournaise 

Day 3. September 15th. Reunion - Antananarivo / Arrival participants tour of Madagascar without Reunion. 

Another half day in Reunion and in the evening we fly to Madagascar via Mauritius. But we will spend this half a day with the Mafat Circus, a natural “artifact” that cannot be described in words.  

Reunion Kalipso

Flight to Mauritius. 

Day 4. 16 September. Antananarivo - Andasibe 150 km

After morning sunbathing in Mauritius, we begin the main part of our Expedition - the island of Madagascar. We leave for Andasibe to visit the national park in the morning and see endemic lemurs)

On the way we stop at the PEYRIERAS MADAGASCAR EXOTIC PARC, which specializes in breeding reptiles. Many chameleons, frogs (amphibians) that live on land and in water.

Evening safari for nocturnal lemurs and reptiles. 

Madagascar from Calipso

Overnight at Andasibe Hotel Mantadia Lodge

Day 5. 17 September. Andasibe

Today we are scheduled to visit Andasibe National Park, which was created to save lemur Indri - the largest living lemur, weighing up to 10 kg! The bamboo lemur also lives here, in addition, 30 species of mammals, 112 species of birds, more than 80 species of frogs and 50 species of reptiles!

Let's go to private reserve "Vakuna", where, taking advantage of the opportunity, we will feed the lemurs right from the hands! After - a canoe tour around the island of lemurs in search of other species of these wonderful animals. We will also visit the crocodile reserve, where not only crocodiles are found, but also chameleons, geckos, guinea fowls, ducks and turtles.


Overnight at Andasibe Hotel Mantadia Lodge

Day 6. 18 September. Andasibe — Antsirabe

We will spend the morning with the nature of Andasibe. Lunch on foie gras and drive to Antsirabe - the third largest city in Madagascar and perhaps one of the most charming. On the way, we look at rice fields, souvenir shops and workshops where aluminum products are produced. We also communicate with the locals in order to plunge more into the life and life of the island. Upon arrival in Antsirabe, we look at the city. 

Madagascar from Calipso

Overnight at Antsirabe hotel Hotel Le Royal Palace

Day 7.19 September. Antsirabe – Miandrivazu 

Today, we are waiting for gold mining in Madagascar, which is the most interesting, it is exactly the same as it was many years ago, almost everything is done by hand with minimal mechanization. The town of Mondoto is another of the towns on the way to the very pearls of Madagascar. 

madagaskar kalipso

Overnight at Miandrivazu hotel. 

Day 8.20 September. Miandrivazu - Murandava

In the morning we set off towards Murandava, where we will meet with the world famous alley of Baobabs, where we meet the sunset. On the way, as we usually do, we stop in local villages, markets, it is easier to understand the country not from the hotel room, but from the window of a jeep or bus. 

Overnight at Morondava hotel Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA.

Day 9.21 September. Morondava - Bekupaka (Scurvy)

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure through the alley of baobabs Stone forest in Bekupak. Today, off-road jeep adventures await us, as there is simply no other road here. The road goes through small villages where we will get to know the locals, We will go into their houses and get acquainted with the way of life. Have you heard of the Mahafali burial culture (UNESCO tentative list)? on this day we will open this a unique page of the culture of the south of the island of Madagascar. We have lunch in the city of Belo Sur Tsiribihina. Arrival at the hotel Le Soleil des Tsingy and rest.  

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "мурундава мР°Ð´Ð°Ð³Ð°Ñ кар" Ð ðµð · ƒƒñ ñ ° ° ñ ‚ð¿ĕ¾ñˆƒƒƒƒƒ ð · ðurb ñ ñ ð ° ° ¶ ¶ ð · ° ð ° ° ð¿ð¸ññññññððices" ð² ± ð ð ðavy ‹µ½½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñ½ñory ðavy ‹avy ‹fine баобабы" 

Day 10.22 September. Bekupaka (Scurvy) 

Conquest Day big and small ching - two parts Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park (one of three UNESCO sites in Madagascar). Over the course of many millions of years, water and wind have turned karst rocks into an extraordinary stone forest, which we will see today. Rare species of animals and plants have also been preserved here, and in 1990 the stone forest was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Today we will need professional sneakers, gloves, a hat or cap, water, mosquito spray and sunscreen. We will do rock climbing with life belts.

  • Large scurvy: their visit lasts approximately 4 hours. First, we will walk through the forest, looking for wild lemurs, then we will climb up (80 m) over the stones. At the top there is an amazing landscape!
  • Small Tsingy: the visit lasts about an hour and a half. Since the stones here are not high, we no longer use climbing equipment, we just walk. 

Overnight at the best hotel in Bekupaki Le Soleil des Tsingy.

Day 11.23 September. Bekupaka - Murandava 

Day of transfer to Murandava. The road will be interesting and will really plunge us into the everyday life of the Malagasy people. 2 times we will use the ferry across the rivers Tsiribihina and Manambula. And of course, the highlight of Madagascar is the baobabs of various heights, shapes and ages. The most exclusive baobab will be the "Baobab in Love" - amazingly twisted 2 trunks of the same tree.  

Madagascar from Calipso

Overnight at Morondava hotel Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA.

Day 12.24 September. Murandava - Antsirabe 

The final part of our program - we are already setting off towards the capital. On the way to Antsirabe, we planned to visit several schools, where we will share our gifts from home with the children and the school administration. Antsirabe has many historic colonial-style buildings, as well as beautiful gardens and parks. Here you can also visit geothermal springs and take a walk along the local lakes. The city is known for its production of mineral water and beer, which we will definitely try. 

madagaskar kalipso

Overnight at Antsirabe hotel Hotel Le Royal Palace

Day 13.25 September. Antsirabe. 

Early in the morning we leave for the capital in order to have time to buy souvenirs before departure and visit the Royal Hill of Ambuhimanga (UNESCO site).

madagaskar kalipso

Departure to Mauritius and departure to 17:00. Arrival 19:45.  

We start the beach part of our trip.

Ð ðµð · ƒƒñ ñ ° ñ ‚ð¿ĕ¿ñˆñƒƒƒƒƒ ð · ðurb ñ ñ ð ° ° ¶¶µð½½½½y ð ° ð ° ° ð¿ð¸ññðððices" ´Ð²Ð¾Ñ€ÐµÑ† Ð¼Ð°Ð´Ð°Ð³Ð°Ñ ÐºÐ°Ñ€" Ð ðµð · ƒƒñ ñ ° ° ñ ‚ð¿ĕ¿ñˆñƒƒƒƒƒ ð · ðurb ñ ñ ð ° ° ¶¶µð ð ° ð ° ° ° ð¿ð¸ññððices" ðā °ñ € ððð¹¹¹¹¹¹form "

Day 14. September 26th. Mauritius.

We swim, sunbathe, eat fruits and local delicacies and just enjoy spending time here after an exciting adventure in Madagascar! 2 nights in a beautiful hotel on the best coast of Mauritius.

Ð ðµð · ƒƒñ ñ ° ° ñ ‚ð¿ĕ¿ñˆñƒƒƒƒƒ ð · ðurb ñ ñ ð ° ° ¶¶µð ð ° ð ° ° ° ð¿ð¸ññððices" ðā °ñ € ððð¹¹¹¹¹¹form "

Day 15. September 27th. Farewell to Mauritius. Flight home or continuation of a beach holiday. 

Cost per part of Reunion: 500 € per person with double occupancy.

Cost for part of Madagascar: 2670 € per person with double occupancy. 

Cost for part of Mauritius: 300 € per person with double occupancy.


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  • accommodation in hotels declared in the program for breakfasts and dinners (in part of Madagascar);
  • car/bus rental;
  • jeeps Morondava-Bekupaka-Murundava;
  • ferry crossing (round trip);
  • transport;
  • accompaniment of a local Russian-speaking guide;
  • entrance tickets to the parks;
  • accompaniment of guides in parks;
  • canoeing in Wakuna Park;
  • equipment in the National Tsingy Park;
  • transfer from the hotel to Morondava airport (10th day).

Part of Mauritius:

  • transfer airport - hotel - airport;
  • 3 nights stay in a hotel with a rating of 9.0 out of 10;
  • breakfasts.


  • international flights;
  • domestic flight Antananarivo - Morondava (200 Euro) if necessary;
  • visa (50 euros);
  • lunches;
  • personal expenses;
  • airport-hotel transfer.

Part of Mauritius:

  • flight to Antanarivo Mauritius;
  • additional excursions and activity;
  • lunches and dinners;
  • personal expenses.

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