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All Seychelles in one tour. Excursions and holidays on the coast from $ 1583 with flights, meals and beauty!

All Seychelles in one tour. Excursions and holidays on the coast from $ 1583 with flights, meals and beauty!

All Seychelles in one tour. Excursions and holidays on the coast from $ 1583 with flights, meals and beauty!

All Seychelles in one tour. Excursions and holidays on the coast from $ 1583 with flights, meals and beauty!
Tour itinerary: Victoria (Mahe Island) - full day excursion around Mahe Island - Sea to Praslin and La Digue - National Marine Park - about. Cousin, Curiosity and St. Pierre (Praslin Island) - Bird Island - Anse Major and Snorkeling - Victoria (Mahe Island)
Tour dates: daily
Tour program:

Day 1.

Arrival on about. Mahe. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation. Rest before active discoveries!

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel. Let's go on a tour of the island. Mahe. According to the plan, we have a souvenir shopping in Victoria, a visit to the Seychelles Morne National Park to see the historical ruins of the old Mission. We will make a stop at a tea plantation, spread out on the slopes of the Morne Blanc mountain. We will visit the quiet corners of South Mahe and, if time permits, look into the Craftsmen's Village and the Workshop where ship models are made.
And in the evening everything is sunset!Mahe island

Day 3

Breakfast in the hotel. Are you tired of beauty yet?
If not, then sailed to the National Marine Park. A boat trip will open the underwater world of tropical coral reefs in one of the Seychelles National Marine Parks. A variety of marine life, including coral fish aggregations, will be on the agenda, followed by a Creole BBQ lunch. And after lunch, we’ll swim with a mask to our heart’s content!
And in the evening we are also waiting for a hotel on about. Maheseychelles national marine park

Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel. An hour and a half guided walk along the northwest coast of Mahe, past giant granite boulders overlooking Beau Vallon Bay, will take you to the charming secluded bay of Anse Major. We will spend an hour and a half on the sandy beach of Anse Major and wander through the thickets in the vicinity of the bay. Then, on a glass bottom boat, we head to Anse du Rice, where we will have a delicious barbecue lunch, after which we will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming and snorkeling.
In the evening we will return to the hotel.Anse Major, Seychelles

Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel. And you will remember this day for the rest of your life, believe me!
We are waiting for Praslin with the Vale de Mey nature reserve. About 7,000 Coco de Mer palm trees and the rare Seychellois Black Parrots live in this amazing pristine palm forest. After a short boat trip on the ferry, we will sail to the island of La Digue with its amazing coastlines and huge granite stones. Copra factory at Colonial Union Manor, old vanilla and cinnamon plantations according to plan.
And that's not all - a typical Creole lunch will be waiting for you in a specially selected restaurant.
Well, the highlight of the day will be a visit to the most photographed beach in the world - Anse Source d'Argent.
We return with a storm of emotions to the island of Mahe to rest. Or we can stay to rest on about. Praslin at will (calculated individually).Vale de Meil and La Digue

Day 6

Breakfast in the hotel. And that is not all. If you stayed to rest on about. Praslin, today is a free day according to the program, but if you wish, we can go on an excursion "Cousin, Curiosity and San Pierre". The first will be Cousin Island to see the abode of seabirds and rare birds living in the Seychelles: it is estimated that up to a quarter of a million seabirds nest here every year. Then we will sail on a boat to Curiosity Island, where we will visit the old House of the Doctor, turned into a museum, as well as a paddock for giant land tortoises living nearby. After appreciating the beauty of the mangrove forest and enjoying the dishes offered during the coastal picnic, we will sail to the colorful island of San Pierre to just relax and unwind. There are no moorings, so get ready to disembark directly into the water.
We return to our hotel on the island. Praslin (excursion for an additional fee - about $ 250 per person). Cousin, Curiosity and St. Pierre

Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel. Free day for rest. If you are on the island of Mahe, then for those who want to make the final day an excursion, we offer Bird Island, Bird Island, a magical deserted island, named after the million black tern birds that come here to nest every year. It is a refuge for rare migrants, sea turtles come here to lie down on the beautiful, clean sandy coast, and rich marine life thrives in coral reefs. It is on this island that Esmeralda lives, the largest giant tortoise in the Seychelles, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. If you are a nature lover or just want to enjoy your vacation on a remote, peaceful island, then this tour is just for you (excursion price on request).
Evening return to about. Mahe. Relaxation.Bird Island

Day 8

Breakfast in the hotel. We say “See you soon” to the Seychelles and thank you for such a bright holiday.
Airport transfer. Flight home.All Seychelles in one tour

The cost of the tour for 1 person (approximate!):



The cost of the tour for 1 person when staying in a 2-bed room

Anse Soleil Beachcomber 3*
(hotel for a relaxing holiday on a beautiful beach with the opportunity to ride around the island)


From 1583 dollars

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay 4*
(Top-selling among inexpensive hotels. Located on the active beach of Beau Vallon. Nearby there is all the infrastructure). Recommended for active travelers.


From $2427

Avani Seychelles Barbarons 4* 
(great hotel for couples)


From $2658

Savoy Resort & Spa 5*
(modern hotel, large rooms. For active tourists).


From $3048

IMPORTANT! The tour program is indicative. We are ready to make changes individually, taking into account the wishes of each client.

Included in cost:
flight Kyiv - Victoria - Kyiv;
transfer airport - hotel - airport;
hotel accommodation 7 nights;
medical insurance.
excursions: Mahe all day, by sea to Prasling and La Ding, Marine National Park, Anse Major and snorkeling

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