Radio guides for tours, translations, excursions at enterprises

Our company has extensive experience in sales of radio and audio guide systems. With this in mind, we have specially compiled for you the most requested and popular sets that are suitable specifically for your field of activity.

Using the Radio Guide Voice Systems


Sets of transmitters and receivers can be as follows:
  • radio guide system on 10 receivers and 1 transmitter - the most minimal version of the finished proposal. Ideal for small events. Often used to accompany groups, security and communications. Cost 515 $. tour with radio guide buy ukraine
  • radio guide system on 20 receivers and 1 transmitter - optimal for religious events, as well as small excursion groups. They are also used for delegations at factories and noisy enterprises. Cost 843 $. 
  • radio guide system on 30 receivers and 1 transmitter - also a frequently used set for excursion services, simultaneous translation and various events, including at enterprises with increased noise. The cost is 1215 $. 
  • radio guide system on 40 receivers and 2 transmitters - the most popular and most optimal option to use. According to statistics, the average excursion group consists of 35-40 people. This kit is more often used by tour operators and travel agents, as well as event agencies.  Cost 1630 $. 
  • radio guide system on 50 receivers and 2 transmitters – for small and medium-sized conferences or a joint excursion with 2 guides (provides work on different channels). Often used for simultaneous translation and tours. Cost 1930 $. 
  • radio guide system on 60 receivers and 3 transmitters - this system is already for large conferences or a joint excursion with 2 - 3 guides. Often used for simultaneous translation during conferences. It is also used by enterprises where there is a need to divide large groups into 3-4 small excursion groups. Cost 2300 $. 

Radio guides for tours, translations, excursions at enterprises are modern and truly convenient. 


In addition to buying radio guides themselves, we offer to purchase additional accessories necessary for work, such as a charger for 40 units, which is convenient to simultaneously charge 40 devices simultaneously without the use of cables. The charging case can also be used to transport radio guides during tours and events. We also have on sale a bag for storing and transferring 32 devices at the same time. If you don't want to use the oversized charging case, we offer you a small and convenient USB charger that can charge up to 32 devices at the same time. 

How do our radio guide systems differ from others sold on the Ukrainian market? Our systems are the most modern to date, the weight of one unit of radio guides (receiver or transmitter) is only 50 grams! Nice design, excellent sound, shockproof plastic. As a result, our radio guide systems are in demand in many countries - in Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, we sold our systems to Europe a lot. We sell and deliver radio guides to all countries of the world. Training and adjustment of work by our experts is possible. 

How to charge Voice Systems radio guide devices

Rent of radio guides — 50 UAH/1 day (available up to 100 pcs)

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