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Expedition to Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan

Expedition to Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan

Expedition to Central Asia

Expedition to Central Asia: Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan

Goals of the Expedition:





Expedition to Central Asia

Expedition duration: 12 days / 11 nights

Dates: September 4-13, 2022

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Expedition route: Bishkek - Shamsi Gorge - Son-Kul Lake - Bokonbaevo - Karakol - Issyk Kul - Bishkek - Tashkent - Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent - Dushanbe - Iskandarkul - Dushanbe - Tashkent - Chimgan - Tashkent - Nursultan

It is possible to join a group at any stage of the tour and take part only in part of the expedition!

Tour price: $1950

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Benefits of the program:

  • guaranteed group from Ukraine;
  • 3 countries of Central Asia in one tour, Kazakhstan can be visited optionally;
  • compactness of the program, nothing more!;
  • incredibly tasty and incomparable oriental cuisine throughout the tour;
  • overnight at the mountain lake Sonkul in a yurt camp;
  • accommodation in standard+ hotels;
  • and many many others.


DAY 1. 04.09. Kyiv - ALMATY - BISHKEK

Arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation. A small walk around the city. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Bishkek. 

Expedition to Central Asia


We start with an expedition to explore mountainous Kyrgyzstan. Today we are making our way through the Shamsi Gorge to the town of Naryn, our base for visiting Tashrabat and Son Kul Lake. 

The Shamsi Gorge is one of several beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan. It is located 120 km from Bishkek. Unlike most other similar places, the slopes of the Shamsi gorge are very steep, in some places rocky cliffs are visible. The Shamsi River flows through the gorge. Despite the shallow depth, the river is very fast and stormy.

Expedition to Central Asia

The flora and fauna of the gorge is very diverse, the number of different species of plants and animals is simply amazing. The natural forest of the gorge consists of spruce and pine forests, as well as subalpine meadows, which are located on the northern and western slopes of the gorge.


Day to visit Tashrabat. Since the 15th century, located at an altitude of more than 3500 meters, Tashrabat has been a fortress, a monastery and a caravanserai. What prevented him from turning into a desert? find out on tour!   

DAY 4. 07.09. NARYN – LAKE SON-KUL Today we will go to one of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan - Lake Son Kol. On the way, we will look for nomads living in the mountains and will definitely visit them, talk and get acquainted with the way of life.. Transfer to the yurt camp near Son-Kul lake. Dinner and overnight near the beautiful lake Son-Kul.


Breakfast at the yurt camp and departure to Issyk-Kul. On the way, we will stop at the Balykchi village, where we can see the Issyk Kul lake, have lunch and go further to Bishkek, from where we fly to Uzbekistan.

Expedition to Central Asia



Breakfast in the hotel.
We move to the railway station on the high-speed train Afrosiab to Bukhara.
Arrival in Bukhara, we begin the historical part of our Expedition. 
City of Bukhara is a city of oriental poetry and fairy tales, whose romantic appearance attracts tourists from all over the world; he also he was known as the holiest city of Asia. There are about 300 mosques and 80 madrasahs in Bukhara.

Expedition to Central Asia

Walking tour in Bukhara:

  • Ark Citadel - an ancient symbol of state power. It seems that since the very creation of the world, this huge fortress has been standing in the center of Bukhara, which has always been a protection and support for the Bukhara rulers. The history of Ark is still shrouded in mystery. The age of Ark has not been established precisely, but, in any case, one and a half thousand years ago, this majestic fortress was already the seat of the ruler. It was built by the efforts of thousands of slaves who created an artificial hill by hand, without powerful equipment, under the scorching sun many centuries ago. For centuries, the Ark remained the main residence of the Emir of Bukhara, the place from where the supreme command of the country was exercised. Here, in the Ark, in addition to the rulers, great scientists, poets and philosophers lived and worked: Rudaki, Firdowsi, Avicenna, Farabi, Omar Khayyam.

Expedition to Central Asia

  • BoloKhauz Mosque (18th century). The architectural ensemble Poi-Kalon (Pedestal of the Great), the religious heart of Sacred Bukhara, consists of the Kalyan minaret (12th century), the Kalyan mosque (16th century) and the Miri-Arab madrasah (16th century). Ulugbek Madrassah (1417), Nodir-Divan-Begi Madrassah, Abdul Aziz Khan Madrassah, Magoki-Attori Mosque (12-16 centuries), Lyabi-Hauz Ensemble (14-17 centuries), Chor Minor Madrassah (Four minarets).
    Free time.

Expedition to Central Asia

Overnight at the hotel.


Continuation of the country tour:

  • Excursion to the summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa (1912-1918), where the traditions of Russian and Uzbek architectural styles are uniquely and harmoniously combined.
  • Continuation of the excursion in the mausoleum of Bakhouddin Nakshbandi (1544-1545). Believers from different Muslim countries come here to ask for the fulfillment of desires and the aversion of sins. It is believed that prayers from a holy place reach Allah best of all ...

Expedition to Central Asia

After lunch, transfer to the railway station for the train to Samarkand. Upon arrival, accommodation at the hotel and dinner.
Free time.


Expedition to Central Asia

Samarkand - the legendary city on the Great Silk Road, the capital of the great empire of Tamerlane. Today you will have a tour of the famous Samarkand. First, we will go to the very heart of the city to the square of the Registan ensemble. Excursion to three madrasahs: Ulugbek, Tillya-Kori and Sher-Dor madrasahs, which will enchant everyone with their grandeur and beauty of the architectural style. This is followed by an excursion to Gur-Emir - the mausoleum of the great Tamerlane and the Temurids.

Expedition to Central Asia

Further visit the famous observatory of the great scientist in the field of astronomy Mirzo Ulugbek - the grandson of the great Tamerlane. Here we will see a sextant or quadrant, which was intended for observing the stars and planets, as well as for compiling astronomical tables.

After lunch, visit the grandiose building of the times of Amir Temur - the main Friday mosque Bibi Khanumas well as burial Shakhi Zinda and Siab Bazaar.

If there is time left and a desire arises, an excursion to the village Conigil (10 km from Samarkand), which is famous for its paper-making workshop. Here they will demonstrate the phased production of paper, and in order to take a piece of Samarkand with you, you can buy unusual souvenirs for you and your loved ones in the workshop.

Expedition to Central Asia


Early in the morning we leave for the third country of our Expedition - Tajikistan. We cross the border by land and through the town of Penjikent we are on our way to Dushanbe.  
The United Museum of Tajikistan includes exhibits on history, natural science and art, Buddha in Nirvana is one of the valuable exhibits of the museum.
The botanical garden is a very beautiful garden with many old trees - a favorite place for Tajiks.
Bazaar - the eastern market - the most crowded place in the city.
The Hissar Fortress, the remains of an 18th century fortress occupied until 1924, is located 30 km west of Dushanbe. Near the fortress are two simple madrasahs, one from the 18th century, the other from the 19th, and behind them is a mausoleum from the 16th century.

Expedition to Central Asia


Expedition to Central Asia

Transfer to the lake Iskanderkul, known as the lake of Alexander the Great, founded in 1969. The area of the lake is 30,000 hectares. According to legend, Lake Iskanderkul was named after Alexander the Great, known in the East as Iskander. It is said that the way of Alexander the Great to Central Asia from India ran through this lake. Lunch at the traditional guest house "Dilovar". Inspection of the surroundings of the lake: five springs, Serpent Lake (Snake Lake), a walk to a 38-meter waterfall called "Fan Niagara".
This fabulous place is one of the most beautiful places in Central Asia. The road passes through the Anzob pass (3372 m) with an amazing panoramic view. Among the countries of Central Asia, Tajikistan ranks second in terms of water resources: more than 1,000 rivers, 2,000 lakes and 8,000 glaciers.
Lunch-picnic in the most beautiful place on the lake.  

Expedition to Central Asia

After lunch, transfer through a mountain pass to Khujand. 


Expedition to Central Asia

We will have half a day to get acquainted with Khujand, moving to Tashkent.  

Expedition to Central Asia


Tomorrow at the hotel. Free time in the city, buying souvenirs, optional Chimgan mountains. 

Price per person in USD based on double occupancy: USD 1900 

The price includes:           

  • accommodation in hotels with breakfast;
  • services of local guides with Russian language in each city;
  • dinner at Sonkul lake, lunch at Iskandarkul lake;
  • falconry and a master class on installing and assembling a yurt;
  • transport services along the entire route;
  • Railway tickets for the train Afrosiyob Tashkent - Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent (economy class);
  • accompaniment by a guide from Kyiv throughout the route.

The price does not include:

  • international flights (approximately 16-17 thousand UAH);
  • entrance tickets according to the program (approximately $60);
  • domestic flights (about 10 thousand UAH);
  • medical insurance;
  • meals (lunches and dinners) and drinks (3-5 dollars);
  • tips for the guide and driver;
  • souvenirs, shopping, and other personal expenses;
  • payment for the right to photograph, if required.




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