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Holidays and tours to Japan 

Asia is getting closer!
And we propose to continue introduction to Japan!
A tour to Japan is a unique opportunity to combine visits to historical sights and festivals.
Imagine, in Japan, about 100,000 festivals every year!
And the kitchen, what can be tastier than real sushi and tofu. Japanese culture is truly impressive in its grandeur. This fabulous land brings together a rich culture, stunning scenery and extraordinary people with an incredible drive to constantly improve! 
“The Japanese believe that climbing Mount Fuji is a mystical experience, that it is not just a climb, but a ritual act of celebration, and I was overwhelmed with the desire to immediately climb the mountain.” – Phil Knight “Shoe salesman. The history of Nike!

Looking for a group or individual tour to Japan? Do you have a corporate group or need to develop a program for your customer? I will be happy to help you with great pleasure. My name is Anastasia, and for more than 12 years all year round 24/7 I have been organizing tours in the Calypso Ukraine team.

For all questions +380952380808, office@kalipsoua.com
See you on board! 

Classic Japan (Sakura 2020)

Classic Japan (Sakura 2020)