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All Mexico in one tour - the most popular sightseeing tour!

All Mexico in one tour - the most popular sightseeing tour!

All Mexico in 9 days

All Mexico in one tour - the most popular sightseeing tour
Route: Mexico City - Puebla - Oaxaca - Tehuantepec - Canyon de Sumidero - San Cristobal de las Casas - San Juan Chamula - Palenque - Campeche - Uxmal - Cenote - Chichen Itza - Cancun/Riviera Maya
9 days / 8 nights
Convenient departure dates for Turkish Airlines flights
2023: 01/21, 02/20, 03/04, 03/25, 04/15, 05/01, 05/20, 06/17, 07/08, 07/29, 08/19, 09/09, 09/30, 28.10 

We reserve the right to adjust the program due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control: weather, strikes, road conditions, force majeure, health problems, or facility closures due to COVID etc. These changes can only be made for the benefit and safety of customers.

Tour "All Mexico in 9 days" introduces you to the diverse culture of this amazing country, from pre-Columbian monuments to modern architecture. The route starts in the capital of Mexico City and includes a visit to Puebla, famous for its colonial architecture, Oaxaca, where you can taste the Mexican traditional drink - mezcal and taste fried grasshoppers, the state of Chiapas with lost piarmides in the jungle, the fortress - Fort Campeche, which withstood numerous pirate attacks , And much more. The tour ends in the state of Quintana Roo - in Cancun or in the resort area of the Riviera Maya.

Tour program:

Day 1 Mexico City
Meeting at the Airport. Transfer and accommodation in a 4* hotel. Free evening to relax.
Day 2. Teotihuacan - Basilica of the Virgin of Guadeloupe - Sightseeing tour of Mexico City (140 km)

You will go to the mysterious Teotihuacan - the cult center of the ancient Indians, striking in its scale and grandeur of buildings. There is a hypothesis that the ancient inhabitants of Teotihuacan possessed knowledge about cosmic energy, which is now lost, and that the exact orientation of ancient buildings according to the sun, moon and stars has its own deep meaning. 
Next on the program is a sightseeing tour of Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas. Elite neighborhoods and slums, skyscrapers built using modern technologies, and small mansions - all this creates a unique image of the city of contrasts - Mexico City. 

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days
Day 3. Mexico City - Puebla (130 km) - Oaxaca (345 km)

Breakfast in the hotel. And we are waiting for a meeting with the city of Puebla.
According to legend, angels appeared to one bishop, indicating the location of the future city.

A picturesque road leads to the "City of Angels", guarded by two active volcanoes Popocatepetl and Istaxihuatl, the snow-capped peaks of which rush high into the sky. The city itself will amaze you with its magnificent colonial architecture, historical monuments, including the Rosario Chapel, the monastery of Santo Domingo, the City Cathedral, protected by UNESCO.
But if your main weakness is cuisine, then the “gastronomic capital of Mexico” will not disappoint. Be sure to try the mole poblano sauce, which combines the unsurpassed taste of chocolate and hot chili peppers, as well as the famous stuffed peppers - chiles en nogada (chiles en nogada).
We will then continue on our way to Oaxaca. The road to this city amazes with picturesque views of the mountains, densely covered with giant cacti (here you can make a short stop and take pictures with these exotic plants). In Oaxaca, an evening walk through the city is waiting for you, famous for its colonial architecture, museums and churches, as well as an abundance of colorful handicrafts from textiles, ceramics, wood and metal. Hotel accommodation 4*

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days
Day 4 Oaxaca - Mezcal tasting (255 km) - Tehuantepec

After breakfast, a visit to one of the local mezcal factories with a tasting is programmed. Those who wish will even have the opportunity to taste the caterpillars living inside the mageya stem, which, according to local tradition, are usually put in mezcal, or fried grasshoppers. After that, along the mountain roads of the state of Oaxaca, passing by the agave fields, you will move to the city of Tehuantepec. On the way to Tehuantepec, we will stop near the largest tree in the world in diameter - Thule. Accommodation in a 4 * hotel.
***Visit Monte Alban - if the archaeological area is open (optional). On this day of our tour, you will visit the ceremonial center of Monte Alban, which was the very first city in Mesoamerica and for almost a thousand years played a significant role as the political and economic center of the Zapotec civilization.

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days
Day 5. Tehuantepec - Canyon de Sumidero (375 km) - San Cristobal de las Casas (60 km).

In the morning you will go to the Sumidero Canyon, one of the twenty most beautiful canyons in the world. The highest, a thousand meters rising above the ground, mountain cliffs surrounded the most beautiful, one of the largest rivers in Mexico, the Grijalva River, forming a thirty-kilometer canyon del Sumidero. After a boat trip through the Canyon, you will go to San Cristobal de las Casas, a picturesque colonial town located in a valley surrounded by mountains with coniferous forests. Descendants of the ancient Indians still live in the vicinity of the city. In the evening - free time, which can be used for walking along the old city streets, where the air is saturated with the rich aroma of Chiapas coffee, and visiting numerous shops with products made from jade and local amber. Accommodation in a 4* hotel in San Cristobal de las Casas

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days
Day 6. San Cristobal de las Casas - San Juan Chamula (15 km) - Palenque

We will start this day with a visit to the Mayan village of San Juan Chamula, located in the vicinity of the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, famous for its church, in which seemingly incompatible Catholic rites and pre-Hispanic paganism intertwined. Then we will go to the city of San Juan Chamula and we will be able to observe how quickly the surrounding nature can change in Mexico: from coniferous forests to a bewitching subtropical jungle. Accommodation in a 4* hotel in Palenque

Day 7. Palenque - Campeche (365 km).

The ruins of Palenque are considered one of the most important Maya archaeological sites in Mexico. The ancient city is located among the hills overgrown with high jungle, in the early morning the ruins are shrouded in thick fog, a small stream flows nearby, you can often hear the roar of a jaguar or a howler monkey. The combination of nature and ancient ruins gives this place a special energy. The tour guide will tell you about the legends and traditions of the mysterious city of Palenque. After the tour, transfer to the city of Campeche. You will walk along the narrow colonial streets, see the real fortress walls that have withstood numerous pirate attacks. Hotel accommodation 4*

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days
Day 8. Campeche - Uxmal (160 km) - Merida (85 km)

Breakfast. In the morning you will go to the majestic Uxmal, about which there are numerous legends. So, they say that the pyramid-temple of the Wizard was built in just one night, and forest guards - alushs - still live in the city. The Palace of the Ruler, the House of the Turtles, the Pigeon Yard, the Convent - you will see all this here, in the unique Uxmal.
Later, you will enter the world of the Spanish aristocrats and visit the colonial city of Merida. Evening walk around the city. Hotel accommodation

Day 9. Merida - Chichen Itza - Cenote - Cancun

Breakfast. Departure to the center of the Yucatan Peninsula to see its main attraction - Chichen Itza. This ancient city is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Warriors, the world's largest ball court Pok-ta-Pok, the Temple of the Jaguars, the Observatory and other buildings of the city will appear before you and amaze with their grandeur. Next, you will swim in a crystal clear karst lake or cenote, where you can experience the healing properties of underground waters. Transfer to Cancun/Riviera Maya, hotel accommodation according to prior reservation.

All Mexico in 9 days All Mexico in 9 days

The cost of the tour for 1 person (group of 2 people):


The cost of the tour for 1 person when placed in a 2-bed room 

The cost of the tour for 1 person in a single room 

Hotels 3*-4*

1750 usd

2140 usd

Included in the price:

  • Transport (depending on the number of people in the group: minivan, sprinter or bus)
  • Entrance fees to all archaeological zones and reserves indicated in the program.
  • Accommodation in hotels of at least 4 * category, except for a 3 * hotel in Tehuantepec. Breakfast buffet or American breakfast included.
  • Services of a Russian-speaking guide.
  • Group transfers only in English, tourist support in Russian - from the moment of arrival at the hotel.
  • Group transfer from Cancun/Riviera Maya hotel to the airport on the day of departure

The price does not include:

  • Lunches and Dinners along the route
  • Tips for guide and driver
  • Accommodation in hotels after the end of the route
  • Airfare to and from Mexico

Hotels can be changed to other relevant category
The company reserves the right to adjust the program due to unforeseen and independent circumstances: weather, strikes, road conditions, force majeure, health problems, etc. These changes can only be made for the benefit and safety of customers.
The program is recommended to be combined with a beach holiday in Cancun or the Riviera Maya
Important! When booking a TRPL stay - the hotel provides 2 single beds.

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