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All of Pakistan in one tour from South to North. All UNESCO sites according to the program!

All of Pakistan in one tour from South to North. All UNESCO sites according to the program!

All of Pakistan in one tour from South to North

All UNESCO sites according to the program!

This is a unique author's tour, in which we will connect all the main cultural heritage of Pakistan, show that the country and people are very different from the usual ideas about them. The program of the tour is very rich and active. Pakistan, you will definitely surprise!
The most famous ceremony on the border of India and Pakistan, as well as Mohenjo Daro - UNESCO site IN THE PROGRAM!

Tour itinerary: Karachi - Thatta - Hyderabad - Ranikort - Sevan - Sharif - Mohenjo Daro - Sukkur Bhong - Uch Sharif - Derawar - Bahawalpur - Multan - Harappa - Sahiwal - Lahore - Wagah - Shekhupura - Rohtas - Taxile - Islamabad
Tour duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Tour dates: on request
Tour program:

Day 1. Arrival in Karachi

Arrival in Karachi.
On this day we have our first acquaintance with the country. We will go on a tour of Karachi, the first historical capital of Pakistan. According to the program, we are waiting for the Defense Mosque - Masjid-e Tuba (one of the largest domed mosques in the world), Mohatta Palace, which will definitely amaze you with its luxury and interior decoration. The mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Ali Jin, made of white marble, St. Patrick's Church.
In the evening return to the hotel and rest. Great things await us tomorrow!
sightseeing tour of karachi

Day 2 Chaukandi Tombs - Banbhor Ruins - Thatta

Breakfast in the hotel. Let's go on an excursion to Thattu.
On the way, we visit the Chaukandi Tomb (more than a hundred structures made of stone and decorated with exquisite carvings of religious symbols, people's lives), the ruins of Banbhor (port city founded by Alexander the Great in 325 BC). And the main point of the program will be the mosque of the legendary Shah Jahan in Thatta, which he built 2 years after he created the famous Taj Mahal. But we will not stop there, we are still waiting for a transfer to Hyderabad and a walk in the evening city and a night at the hotel.
Chaukandi Tombs - Banbhor Ruins - Thatta

Day 3. The Great Wall of Sind - Lal Shahbaz Qalandar - Mohenjo - Daro

Breakfast in the hotel. Today, according to the program, we have a trip to the north-east of the country and a visit to the site for which many travelers fly to Pakistan - this is the World Heritage Site of Mohenjo - Daro, a city that has existed since 2600 BC.
First of all, we will visit the Ranikort Fort or the Great Wall of Sindh (the largest fort in the world), the city of Sevan Sharif and the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (the temple is one of the most important in Pakistan).
And at sunset we have an excursion to Mohenjo - Daro - (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It was a large settlement of its time. For the first time, excavations were made by British archaeologists at the beginning of the 20th century. They suggested that the city existed from 2600 BC. However, it was abandoned after 900 years. Among the legendary ruins, the first public toilets, baths, a swimming pool, a granary, the most complex irrigation systems, religious buildings and a full-fledged citadel were found.
Further transfer and overnight in Sukkur.
Great Wall of Sindh - Lal Shahbaz Qalandar - Mohenjo - Daro

Day 4. Bhong Mosque - Derawar Fort - Uch Sharif

Breakfast in the hotel. And today Pakistan will definitely not cease to amaze you.
We will start the sightseeing day at the Bhong Mosque (it was built over 50 years and was only opened in 1982. The mosque is in the style of the tale 1001 nights). And then we are waiting for Derawar Fort (the best surviving example of the forts that were used to protect the caravan routes in the desert) and Uch Sharif and its shrines (a historical city in southern Pakistan, founded by Alexander the Great).
We will spend the night in Bahawalpur.
Mosque in Bhong - Derawar Fort - Uch Sharif

Day 5. Multan - Harappa

After breakfast we start our journey to the north.
We are waiting for the ancient city of Asia - Multan with mausoleums of sheikhs. And further along the route, the city of Harappa is the oldest city of the Harappan civilization. Arrival in Sahiwal for overnight stay.
Multan - Harappa

Day 6 Lahore

Breakfast in the hotel.
We are leaving today for Lahore, the most charming city in the country. Here we will spend 2 nights and we will have a big two-day tour of Lahore.
It was in Lahore in 1940 that the historic resolution on the division of India and the creation of a new state - Pakistan was signed.
According to our program:
The National Museum of Lahore is one of the best museums in South Asia.
The 16th century Wazir Khan Golden Mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Shahi Hammam was built in Lahore in 1635 AD. In 2015, the Baths were restored by the Aga Khan Foundation for Culture. The restoration project was awarded the UNESCO award for the perfect conservation of the site.
Temple of Dat Darbar, Gurdwar Dera Sahib (Sikh temple in Lahore), Mausoleum of Iqbal, founder of the country
A good end to the day can be a walk along the famous "food street" of Lahore.

Day 7 Lahore

After breakfast, we continue our tour of Lahore.
We will visit:
Shahi Qila or Lahore Fort (UNESCO World Heritage site). On the territory of the fort, the Mirror Royal Palace of Shish Mahal, the Pearl Mosque, fountains and marble pavilions have been preserved.
The Cathedral Mosque of Badshahi or the "Imperial Mosque" is a symbol of the nation.
Shalimar Gardens (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a masterpiece of garden art. Created at the behest of Shah Jahan in 1641-42, this luxurious ensemble includes more than 400 fountains and marble terraces with waterfalls and pools.
And that is not all! We are waiting for the most famous ceremony on the border of India and Pakistan. We will go to Wagah. Part of the Indo-Pakistan border located at Wagah is often referred to as the "Berlin Wall of Asia" where a ceremony called "lowering the flags" takes place every evening. Border guards from both sides in full dress demonstrate preparation and bearing in front of each other. The Pakistani military wears black uniforms while the Indian border guards wear khaki uniforms.
Return to Lahore and rest at the hotel.

Day 8. Islamabad

Today after breakfast we will go to the capital of Pakistan - Islamabad. On the way we will stop in Shekhupura, walk along the impregnable Rohtas Fort (UNESCO monument).
And in the evening we will have a tour of Islamabad, one of the most sparsely populated capitals in the world. It was founded in 1960 and was immediately built as a capital with the participation of the best architects in Europe.
We will see: the National Monument, the Faisal Mosque (the largest mosque in Pakistan), the House of the Parliament and we will go up to the Shakarpian observation deck.
We will spend the evening and night at the hotel in Islamabad. 

Day 9. Taxile

Breakfast in the hotel. We will spend the final day of our program in Taxila, the capital of the ancient Gandharian civilization, a UNESCO site. Taxile is a place of pilgrimage and a place of power for Buddhists. It was in Taxila that the earliest images of the Buddha were discovered.
In the afternoon return to Islamabad and flight home.

Tour price for 1 person:


The cost of the tour for 1 person in a double room:

Embassy Inn hotel, Karachi, 1 night
HOTEL INDUS, Hyderabad, 1 night  
Hotel One (Military Road Sukkur) 29D, 07E, Sukkur, 1 night  
Hotel One (16 D, 4 E), Bahawalpur, 1 night  
Hotel one, Sahiwal, 1 night  
Shalimar Tower hotel, Lahore, 2 nights
Shelton's Ambassador, Islamabad, 1 night

2155 usd

The tour price includes:
the entire excursion program along the route,
English-speaking guide (surcharge for a Russian-speaking guide 710 dollars for the entire route),
hotel accommodation 8 nights,
breakfast meals (additional payment for dinners according to the program 180 dollars per person),
transport service along the route,
all entrance fees along the route

The tour price does not include:
international air travel,

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