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Socotra Island (Yemen) with tour operator Calypso Ukraine

Socotra Island (Yemen) with tour operator Calypso Ukraine

Socotra Island (Yemen)

Socotra Island (Yemen) with tour operator Calypso Ukraine

Tour dates: 18 – 25 April 2023

Tour price: $1650 per person

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Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Route: Arkher – Homkhil – Erissel Village - Wadi Kalissan - Dihamri - Dixam Plateau - Fermha Forest - Wadi Dirhur - Aomak - Detwah - Qalansiya Village - Shoab Beach - Detwah 

Tour program

DAY 1. April 18, 2023 Arrival to Socotra

Socotra Island (Yemen)

Welcome to Socotra! We start our journey with a short briefing and set off to explore the island. From the very first minutes we will see what an amazing island it is. Let's go to the nearby Dihamri Marine Protected Area. This is one of the richest coral reefs in the archipelago. Here we will relax and snorkel in the bay, enjoying the unique combination of underwater flora and fauna. Here we will see such marine inhabitants as parrot fish, moray eels, sea urchins, barracudas, sea turtles and much more.
For experienced divers, one of the many nearby shipwrecks is available. Dinner and overnight at the campsite on Dihamri beach.

DAY 2. April 19, 2023 Wadi Kalissan and Archer

Wadi Kalissan is one of the hidden wonders of Socotra. The dirt road heading southeast passes through some very remote areas of the island where we can see the alien landscape of Socotra at its best. A 30-minute walk to the wadi will take us to this spectacular extravaganza of turquoise freshwater pools fed by small waterfalls cascading from the smooth white limestone.

Soctor Island Calypso

This is a unique place for swimming, jumping, diving and rock climbing.

We move along the northern coast to the eastern part of the island. On the way we enjoy the picturesque nature of the island, passing by small villages, pristine beaches and amazing plants. Transfer to the sand dunes in Archer. Archer - represents the sandy banks of a small freshwater stream flowing from a cave located between two large dunes. Physically hardy people are advised to climb one of the dunes (height 200 m). This is one of the most fantastic vantage points. Enjoy the pristine beach and relax. Dinner and overnight at the camp. 

Socotra Island (Yemen)

DAY 3. April 20, 2023 Hog Cave and Archer Dunes

We will have breakfast and start trekking to the Hog cave (about 4 hours in both directions). The cave is rich in natural artifacts: stalactins, stalagmites, pools. After lunch, we will go down to the cars and return to Archer Beach at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Dinner at Archer Beach. 

Socotra with Calypso Ukraine

DAY 4. April 21, 2023 Homhill National Park. 

Today we are waiting for the beautiful Homkhil Reserve. This is the best place on the island to see incense trees, bottle trees and the Dragon's Blood tree. On a walking tour (about 1.5 hours) we will explore the surroundings of the Homhill Plateau, and one of the trails will lead us to an observation deck with a natural pool and a view of the villages and the plain stretching to the sea below. The village of Qalansiya is on the northwestern tip and is the second largest settlement on the island. We will get lost in narrow alleys, meet friendly people and many curious children.
Dinner and overnight in Detwah lagoon.

DAY 5. April 22, 2023 Shoab Lagoon Tour 

What is it like waking up on such a remote and perfect beach? We move to the port of Qalansiya, dotted with fishing boats and a lively market. If you are an avid fisherman, Socotra is a fishing paradise.
New adventures are waiting for us - an exciting boat cruise along the rocks of the west coast to Shoab Beach! We will have a chance to explore the coastline, swim in the turquoise sea near small unspoiled beaches, observe the wonderful underwater world and be sure to meet dolphins.

When we reach the shore of Shoab, we will take a dip in this secluded and unspoilt beach and get ready to feast again on delicious fresh seafood brought by local fishermen or even caught by us. In the afternoon we will return to the port, having a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins.
Enjoy the last sunset on the island as we walk along the endless sandbar emerging from the crystal clear shallow waters.
Dinner and overnight in Detwah lagoon.

DAY 6. April 23, 2023 Dixam Plateau. 

We are heading towards the Dixam Plateau, the true home of Dracaena Cinnabari. This is the most beautiful place with a forest of Dragon Blood trees. The Dixam Plateau is located in the central part of Socotra, full of dragon blood trees, frankincense trees, myra and valuable herbs. The landscape is created by the breathtaking mountain range in the background. Small settlements are hidden around the crevices of the valley, where nomadic Bedouin shepherds will meet us at the edge of the gorge - the most impressive limestone landscape on the island. The gorge descends 700 meters to the bottom of the valley, from where views that create incredible atmosphere of the prehistoric era.

Socotra Island (Yemen)

We continue through the unique and bizarre forest of Fermha, where the famous Socotra Dragon's Blood grows everywhere! Here we will get acquainted with the famous resin and its wonderful properties. Passing a small village, we can buy it from local children. Resin from the Dragon's Blood tree is a good immune stimulant with bactericidal properties. 

After passing the village we will descend 400 m to reach the edge of the most beautiful canyon of Socotra (Wadi Dirhur). The end of the day is the best time to arrive here, the soft evening light makes the surrounding panoramas fantastic. Here we enjoy one of the island's greatest secrets: an oasis surrounding a freshwater pool with a natural waterslide.
Dinner and overnight on the Dixam Plateau.

DAY 7. April 24, 2023 Dagub Cave and Aomak Lagoon. 

Destination is Aomak with its immaculate white sandy beaches.
After lunch, we will visit the villages of Socotri scattered across the southern plain before reaching the Dagub cave. This grotto has some very interesting rock formations and has long been used by villagers for ritual purposes and to shelter livestock during the rainy season.

Socotra Island (Yemen)

The afternoon is devoted to another stunning part of Socotra - the desert on the island.
The view of the dazzling white sand dunes of Zahek will please even the most sophisticated Sahara traveler. We will climb, slide down, meditate and walk to enjoy the stunning views before sunset.
Dinner and overnight camping on Aomak Beach or in the middle of the sand dunes, depending on the weather.

DAY 8. April 18, 2023 Departure

We have breakfast, swim for the last time and leave for the airport. Dwe gather in Abu Dhabi, where the tour ends, and the participants fly home. 

Tour price: $1650 per person

Included in cost: 

  • private SUV Toyota Land Cruiser: every car with comfort
    accommodates only 3 passengers plus the driver, making sure all passengers are at the window;
  • tourist equipment; mattress, pillow and blanket;
  • transfer from airport;
  • English-speaking experienced guide in Socotra;
  • food: 3 meals a day;
  • cook and kitchen equipment;
  • drinking water;
  • fees for protected areas and other permit fees;
  • boat trip to Shoab beach;
  • local guides on individual excursions.

The price does NOT include: 

  • air tickets Abu Dhabi-Socotra-Abu Dhabi (560 $); air ticket to Abu Dhabi (from 60 $)
  • visa fee (100 $);
  • international air ticket;
  • Last night at the hotel (optional)
  • personal expenses;
  • insurance;
  • tips for the guide and driver;
  • snorkeling and/or diving equipment.


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