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Classical Antarctica on the ship "Sea Spirit"

Classical Antarctica on the ship "Sea Spirit"

Classical Antarctica on the ship "Sea Spirit"
12 days / 11 nights
Cruise Start: Ushuaia (Argentina)
Cruise Destination: Ushuaia (Argentina)
The ship "Sea Spirit"
Cruise dates: on request
Important! Other cruise dates are also possible! Specify, please!

The ship "Sea Spirit"Cruise program:

Day 1. Ushuaia, Argentina, overnight at the hotel

ushuaiSpread out at the foot of the Andes on the banks of the picturesque Beagle Channel, the city of Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet. This is the starting point of our journey to Antarctica.
Travelers booked a night at the hotel.

Day 2. Ushuaia, boarding the ship

Ushuaia, boarding the shipIn the afternoon we will board our expedition ship "Sea Spirit". In the evening, passing the picturesque Beagle Channel, we go out to sea. The nearest part of the land on which we have to set foot will already be Antarctica.

Day 3-4. Drake Passage

Presentations on board the Sea SpiritIt's time to get acquainted with our expedition ship - after all, this is a whole micro-world, designed to replace our home for the next 10 days. And among the rest of the participants of the trip, you will surely find like-minded people - after all, we are all driven here by one goal - to discover the Sixth Continent.

Day 5-9. South Shetland Islands and the continent of Antarctica

Penguin with chicksExplore the fantasy world of the last continent to be discovered. Once we reach the Antarctic Peninsula region, we use every opportunity to land on the coast. However, it should be remembered that all our actions depend on weather and ice conditions. Therefore, this program should be considered only as an example. In case of favorable conditions, we plan to visit the following places:
In Neko Bay, witness huge icebergs break off the ice shelves of Antarctica and crash into the sea.

Find yourself in the "Antarctic paradise" of Paradise Bay. In tourist brochures, the bay is characterized as "a place with a name that reflects the essence of the phenomenon" (in translation, Paradise means Paradise). Paradise Bay amazes with myriads of icebergs of bizarre shapes and colors. Large whales are often found in the waters of the bay.
Meet the penguins on Cuverville Island. According to the rules, travelers should not approach the penguins at a distance of less than 5 meters. However, numerous curious penguins literally pursue the guests of Antarctica, striving to climb onto your shoe or into a bag left on the shore.
Whales in AntarcticaGaze at the majestic cliffs of Booth Island and Cape Renard, standing at the entrance to one of the most beautiful straits in Antarctica and the entire Earth - Lemaire. Due to its “photogenicity”, this place was nicknamed the “Kodak Gap” - according to the playful estimates of polar explorers in “pre-digital” times, at least 600 kilometers of film were spent on photographs here every year.
Get ready to feel the salt spray on your face while sailing on the Zodiac expedition boats - we plan to admire the huge static icebergs in Pleno Bay.
Whales right next to your expedition boat, leopard seals resting on ice floes - we often meet all these inhabitants of the Antarctic in the Gerlache Strait.
How do you like the idea of polar swimming? The penguins of the volcanic Deception Island are probably already accustomed to the "crazy" travelers who swim in coastal waters with laughter and screams. Volcanic activity warms the water along the coast, but warm masses mix with patches of cold water.

Day 10-11. Drake Passage

On the open deckToday we leave Antarctica and head back north through the waters of the Drake Passage to the world of civilization. Scroll through all the impressions of these days in your memory again to let this wild corner of the planet deep into your heart.

Day 12 Ushuaia, Argentina, disembarkation

Ushuaia, disembarkationAfter breakfast, it's time to say goodbye to the hospitable board of the Sea Spirit expedition ship. We are returning to the world of civilization, where night turns into day every day, and the day is full of everyday bustle. However, for sure, the harsh, wild and beautiful Antarctica has given you a revelation, thanks to which you will look at the ordinary things that surround us in a new way. We will be transferred to the airport and return home.

The ship "Sea Spirit"
The ship "Sea Spirit"Cost per person depending on the date of the cruise start:







Suite of the Shipowner

from $9.095

from $12.095

from $12,995

from $13.195

from $14.695

from $15.795

from $ 19.995

Promotion for some dates
from $ 8.186

Promotion for some dates
from $ 10.886

Promotion for some dates
from $ 11.696

Promotion for some dates
from $ 11.216

Promotion for some dates
from $ 12.491

Promotion for some dates
from $ 13.426

Promotion for some dates
from $ 16.996

Single occupancy is calculated by applying a coefficient of 1.7 to the cost of one place in the cabins of the Standard, Classic and Superior categories; a coefficient of 2 to the cost of one place in the cabins of the Deluxe, Premium Suite and Shipowner's Suite categories. Accommodation with shared accommodation is possible in cabins of the categories Triple, Standard, Classic, Superior.

Included in the price:
Accommodation at the Arakur Ushuaia Resort and Spa hotel on the first day of the program (1 night, breakfast included);
Group transfers airport - hotel in Ushuaia (Argentina) the day before boarding the ship;
Group transfers hotel - ship on the day of boarding the ship and ship - airport on the day of disembarkation from the ship;
Accommodation on board in a cabin of the selected category;
Meals: full board on board (coffee, tea, cocoa at the coffee station - 24 hours);
Welcome and farewell cocktail on board;
All scheduled landings on Zodiac expedition boats and excursions;
Informational support of the cruise by the Expeditionary Leader and the Expeditionary team;
Lectures, videos, slide shows and presentations by experts in the region;
Signature expedition jacket;
Rubber boots for landings during the cruise;
Information package (provided before the start of the trip);
Electronic travel journal;
All port fees;
WiFi on board.

Not included:
Air travel;
Personal expenses: bar, communications, laundry;
Optional kayaking and camping option;
Tips for stewards and other attendants on the ship (at your discretion).
Medical insurance, including evacuation and repatriation (minimum coverage of at least 200,000 USD);

This is a journey to a remote, inaccessible region. All activities during the cruise depend on ice and weather conditions and are determined by the expedition leader and captain. The actual course of the expedition may differ from the declared one. Meetings with the declared representatives of the animal world are not guaranteed.

                                        Additional options:
Camping - overnight in a sleeping bag on the coast of the continent of Antarctica or one of the nearby Antarctic islands. According to eyewitnesses, to spend the night on the continent means to comprehend the mysterious Antarctica deeper and more fully, as well as to experience for yourself the feelings (albeit in more comfortable conditions) that overwhelmed the pioneers of these harsh places.
No prior experience is required to participate in the activity. All you need to do is be over 18 years old, be in good physical shape and have a desire to have this unique experience in Antarctica. Necessary equipment (sleeping bags, bedding, etc.) is included in the price of the option. The number of places is limited - only 30 participants in one cruise. Book now and spend an unforgettable night on the coast of Antarctica!

According to our kayakers, in the first minutes they realized that they did not experience such feelings from kayaking anywhere else on the planet. Crystal clear waters carry the kayak in a magical harmony - the splash of water, the sound of drops falling from temporarily inactive oars and the crackling of centuries-old ice layers. Whales and glittering icebergs swim past you. The grandiosity and splendor of the panorama seem to reduce your own size, and it is at this moment that you, more than ever, can feel like a tiny particle of a vast Universe.
Participation in polar kayaking requires experience and knowledge of English. Seats are limited: 16 kayakers in Antarctica and 8 in the Arctic. Therefore, it is recommended to book this option in advance.

Anastasia Yakovenko

Anastasia Yakovenko

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