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Tours to Argentina

Oh Argentina… Incredibly beautiful country of tango and passion, wonderful food and one of the best wines in the world… Argentina embodies the whole world of Latin America, the mood, culture and customs of this beautiful Spanish-speaking country! and, of course, the indescribable atmosphere of a true South American country… choosing a tour to Argentina, you choose one of the two largest countries on the continent, which pleases its guests with a variety of natural landscapes – from magnificent white beaches to the harsh glaciers of Patagonia. The steppes of Patagonia, raging waterfalls, snow-capped volcanoes, azure lakes and ocean coastlines, enchanting cities and unique cultural experiences make Argentina one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world... And of course, Argentine cuisine! during a tour to Argentina, all our travelers say that they have never eaten a tastier steak in their lives than in Argentina. There is nothing more beautiful and more diverse when choosing a tour to South America than a tour to Argentina itself.  

individual tours to pivdenny america

Looking for a corporate or private tour to Pivdenny America? Would you like to take advantage of the best service, accompanied by a group of tour leaders from Ukraine, exclusive excursions in the expedition format? Do you want to see those windings of Pivdennoy America, like few people seeing mandriving from Ukraine? 

I will gladly and with great honor help you with the description of the written itinerary of the tour, the reservation of hotels and lodges, the reservation of transport, everything that is necessary for the trip of the highest quality. 

“I can see all the lands of Pivdennoy America and I can confidently say that all the lands of difference are beautiful, they are good to see them.” Yours Marunenko Georgiy 

Contact me directly +380503256261 or tckalipso@gmail.com 


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Rio Carnival 2023 + Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
Rio Carnival 2023 + Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

Rio Carnival 2023 + Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay