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Ayurveda and yoga in Kerala (best centers)

Ayurveda and yoga in Kerala (best centers)

Ayurveda and yoga in Kerala (best centers)
Ayurveda and yoga in Kerala (best centers)

What is Ayurvedic treatment in India - a "sanatorium" rest, massages, special meals and complete disconnection from the outside world, and recovery!
Vedic knowledge is passed down from generation to generation in India. Healing is part of the soul of these places and is approached as a holiest process. Through a combination of massages, herbal treatments, diet and cleansing baths, you can feel reborn.
The duration of the program can be chosen independently from 7 to 14 nights.
Also, all resort hotels in Kerala are divided into those that have a strict and loyal Ayurvedic program.
It is possible to combine relaxation on the ocean and treatment!
The price / quality resort complexes have been chosen for you, but other options are also possible. Air flight for an additional fee!

Hotel: Food: The cost of the tour for 1 person, accommodation in a double room, 7 nights Programs to choose from:
SOMA PALMSHORE 3* tripadvisor rating 4.0
(super hotel with excellent doctor. 10 minutes shops and restaurants. Price / quality. It is possible to combine rest and treatment programs)
Breakfast (approximate supplement for lunch and dinner - 9 euros each) from 340 euro program bases, meals - breakfast

Rejuvenation therapy / Body cleansing therapy with full board - from 638 euro
Stress management program (only possible from 14 nights) with full board – from 1589 euro

Rajah Eco Beach 3*
(new clinic, next to RAJAH BEACH 3*)
Full board from 610 euro Ayurvedic package – from 610 euro
TRAVANCORE HERITAGE 3* tripadvisor rating 4.0
(old-style hotel, a bit on a hill, down to the beach by elevator)
Full board from 620 euro Recreation program – from 925 euro
Stress management program (only possible from 7 nights) — from 925 euro
Anti-aging therapy (possible only from 14 nights) — from 1852 euro
Rejuvenation program for age-related diseases – from 1260 euro
POOVAR ISLAND RESORT 4* tripadvisor rating 4.5
(One of the largest Ayurvedic centers. Suitable, as for strict Ayurveda, and for a relaxing holiday. Super healthy food. Recommended!)
Full board from 750 euro Ayurveda therapy – from 750 euro
(Hotel with an emphasis on Ayurveda, accommodation without programs is not provided. You need to go down to the beach, there are no TVs in the rooms. Price / quality.)
Full board from 822 euro

Rejuvenating Therapy | Body Cleansing Therapy| Body immunization – from 822 euro
Stress management program (only possible from 14 nights) – from 2072 euro

RAJAH BEACH 3* tripadvisor rating 4.5
(one of the first and most popular budget clinics in India. Quiet atmosphere and a huge and secluded beach)
Full board from 850 euro Ayurvedic package – from 850 euro
Two Ayurvedic treatments per day - one main and one secondary (face mask, etc.) as decided by doctors

It is possible to calculate other hotels with Ayurvedic programs upon your request!
The cost of all Ayurvedic programs includes: 
accommodation from 7 to 14 nights,
daily ayurvedic treatments,
ayurvedic vegetarian full board,
initial, daily and final consultation with a doctor,
daily yoga classes

The tour price does not include:
international air travel,
visa to india

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